A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game Synopsis:

Alex Bishop is a starry-eyed law student, keeping his nose buried in the books while dreaming of a high-profile future. Unlike everyone else, he just doesn't have the time to waste playing around in Virtuality, the virtual world that everyone, especially his girlfriend Alyssa, is crazy about. And more importantly, he just doesn't see why he should care when there's plenty to see and do in the real world. But after being nudged into making an account and a close encounter with one of the stars of Virtuality's fighting arenas, Silver Phoenix, Alex may find that there is a whole lot more "reality" to Virtuality than he thought.

Game Description:

"Virtuality" is a non-commercial cyberpunk romance (BxG/B) visual novel.

Game Features:

  • An original story and artwork
  • Animated backgrounds
  • A dynamic story featuring 2 routes, "real-life" and "virtual" and 4+ endings
  • Approximately 3 hours of gameplay for 1 each route

Game Staff:

  • Director Katta
  • Writer Tanya Rodgers
  • Artist FeliceMelancholie
  • CG artist Rena Illusion
  • Background artist Badriel
  • Gui art and programming Anne
  • Music Creative Commons
  • Engine Ren'py


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Virtuality-1.0-all.zip (demo) 94 MB
Virtuality-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 (demo) 80 MB
Virtuality-1.0-mac.zip (demo) 76 MB